Conference 2020:

"From Herodotus to Spengler:

Comparing Civilisations through Time and Space"


Award of the "Oswald Spengler Prize" to ...

From 13th-14th November 2020, the “Oswald Spengler Society” will organise a conference on the subject:

“From Herodotus to Spengler:

Comparing Civilisations throughout Time and Space”.

 The conference will take place in Palo Alto, CA and at Stanford University. Everyone interested in participating is warmly invited to submit a short abstract of her/his intended paper as well as a CV by email until the 10th march. The organisers will then review the submissions and inform all candidates about the status of their proposal.

 As in 2018, the “Spengler Conference” will be linked to the official award of the 2020 “Spengler Prize” whose recipient will be made public in due cause. In 2018, the prize was awarded to the well-known French novelist Michel Houellebecq who received the prize during a public ceremony in Brussels.

 The final financial plan of the conference will depend on the number and provenance of speakers; however, it is intended to support at least partl of the costs of those speakers still in their formative years or subject to special financial or professional hardships.

Call for Papers (deadline: 10.3.2020)

“From Herodotus to Spengler:

Comparing Civilisations throughout Time and Space”

13.-14.11.2020, Palo Alto / Stanford, CA

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