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The Oswald Spengler Society welcomes all efforts to shed light on the development of World and Universal History as a scholarly discipline including a critical reassessment of Oswald Spengler’s works and background. In order to fulfil its mission, the Society has launched an Online Journal publishing research papers on relevant topics as well as reviews discussing the merits of recently published books pertaining to these subjects.

This Journal is  a peer reviewed scholarly publication plateform open to submissions from authors from all backgrounds. If you are interested in publishing a paper or a review, please make sure to adapt your text to our authors' guidelines and send it electronically (as .doc) to the Journal's redaction ( We will gladly give you a first feedback and then forward your material to our peer reviewers.

All papers and reviews published by the Oswald Spengler Journal are freely accessible to the general public. Please register first by entering you email-address and chosing a password. You can then enter the page with downloadable pdfs by clicking on the link below.


Wätzold Plaum

Ebenen Der Zyklik. Vorstellung eines geschichtsphilosophischen Zyklenmodells

(published 27.7.2019).

Ben Brummer

Kultur als Konflikt. Überlegungen zur Psychogenese des Abendlandes

(published 28.6.2019).

Tom Zwitsers

Oswald Spengler, die akademische Welt und das traditionelle familiäre Rollenbild. Eine kleine Soziologie

(published 29.3.2019).

Frol Vladimirov

Ein Rückblick in die Zukunft. Zur soziobiologischen Relevanz von Oswald Spenglers Morphologie der Weltgeschichte

(published 25.6.2018).

David Engels

Von der Einsamkeit des Spenglerianers

(published 13.10.2017).

Book Reviews

Review on:

Carlos X. Blanco, De Covadonga a la nación española. La hispanidad en clave Spengleriana.

Alicante, Eas, 2019, 156p. ISBN 978-84-949596-4-6

Reviewed by: Gerd Morgenthaler

​Review on:

Peter Strasser, Spenglers Visionen. Hundert Jahre Untergang des Abendlandes“.

Wien, Braumüller, 2018, 128p. ISBN 978-3-99100-238-3.

Reviewed by: Samir Osmančević

​Review on:

Thomas Bauer, Warum es kein islamisches Mittelalter gab. Das Erbe der Antike und der Orient.

München, C.H. Beck, 2018, 175p.

ISBN 978-3-406-72730-6.

Reviewed by: Marco Gallina

​Review on:

Sebastian Fink/Robert Rollinger (eds.), Oswald Spenglers Kulturmorphologie. Eine multiperspektivische Annäherung.

Wiesbaden, Springer, 2018, 790p.

ISBN 978-3-658-14041-0.

Reviewed by: Dezső Csejtei

​Review on:

Christian Voller, Gottfried Schnödl, Jannis Wagner (Hgg.), Spenglers Nachleben. Studien zu einer verdeckten Wirkungsgeschichte

Springe, zu Klampen Verlag, 2018, 282p.

ISBN 978-3-86674-571-1.

 Reviewed by: Lutz M. Keppeler

Review on:

David Engels/Max Otte/M. Thöndl (eds.), Der lange Schatten Oswald Spenglers. Einhundert Jahre Untergang des Abendlandes.

Waltrop, Manuscriptum, 2018, 176p

ISBN 978-3944872711.

Reviewed by: Sebastian Fink.

Review on:

Paul Cartledge, Democracy. A Life.

Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016, 416p.

ISBN 978-0-199-83745-8.

Reviewed by: Sid Lukkassen.

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